We’re behind by 5k votes and it would be great if each and everyone of you could at least vote up till your maximum ( 10 votes per IP per day) .

Or you can join the mass voting organize by fellow shcj ( CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE MASS VOTING DETAILS ) STRICTLY FOR SHINHWA CHANGJOS ONLY. 

It would be great if they could at least be in the top 3 but let’s try hard to get them the gold trophy!! 

I totally in love with my Korea Samsung phone. ♡

I-LuvShinHwa turned 2 today!

I’m gonna bring this baby to university tomorrow ~ ♡

I heart Chickenmania~

Finally I moved to a new flat close to Seoul National University Subway Station!!! The flat is small but a decent one. Totally love my new flat!

Thank you so much for coming to my Shin-house warming party at such a short notice. And thank you so much for helping me out for the house warming party. I couldn’t have managed it alone. Thanks to everyone, the party went smoothly. Thanks mates~♡ *hugs* 너무 아주 정말 매우 감사합니다

Well, I am happy to report that my first calling Shinhwa Chickenmania home delivery experience was memorably great. And I received two coupons from Chickenmania too. I’m going to get the water tumbler next month~~♡

I love my B*Friend’s wristbands!! Hardcore Eric’s fan ^^

I’m gonna wear this to uni tomorrow~~ ♡

Awwww my bFriend’s wristbands arrived just now. Couple wristbands sound great uh?

140323 신화16주년 콘서트 Stay

Shinhwa 16th Anniversary Concert ‘Here’ in Seoul

Giggling at Hyesung’s sexy wave ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

LuvEiEi | 230314 | Seoul