Eric aka 강태하 Kakaotalk animated emoticons. Cuteness overload!


Shinhwa Eric Mun - Annimated KKT Emoticons + tving Event

Eric’s / Kang Taeha’s variety of expresstions in Discovery of Romance drama are used to create a set of 24 annimated emoticons for KKT.  It’s to be released tomorrow and is available for foreign fans to purchase as well. (They’re so cute!!!)

TVing Event: tving is holding an even. Subcribe to Discovery of Romance series and you’re entered for a draw to win the set of Eric/Kang Taeha KKT emoticons.

Entry period: SEP.17 -SEP.28
Winners to be announced on: OCT.02

Source: newsen + SERA216

20140916 | 연애의발견 | Episode 10 | My heart aches  () 

20140916 | 연애의발견 | Episode 10 | My heart aches  () 

"That was the last time Yeo-reum needed me then. I should’ve asked Yeo-reum why she was that way even then. What was I think when I was dating her? I told her I loved her tens of times, hundred of times when we were dating. But I didn’t even know what love was… I didn’t know what it was, so I don’t know how I could say I loved her so easily. I realised that day that I can never bring up the words "I love you" again. I’m a jerk who had no right to bring up those words."

20140915 | 연애의발견 | Episode 9 | 오빠 울지 마세요  ㅠㅠ

20140814 | 연애의발견 제작발표회 | 에릭 Eric Mun

20140814 | 연애의발견 제작발표회 | 에릭 Eric Mun